Our dynamic team is strategically assembled to encompass a diverse range of experiences and perspectives, finely tuned to propel projects forward in the ever-evolving landscape of modern exploration. Whether delving into the realms of mineral exploration, biology, business, or environmental science, our team exemplifies a fusion of passion and unparalleled expertise, ensuring the meticulous execution of every project. Yet, our journey doesn't end here – as we forge ahead, our commitment to excellence remains unwavering. We are dedicated to continually augmenting our team with exceptional individuals, ensuring that we stay at the forefront of innovation, success and sustainability.

Rick Trotman
President and CEO

Rick, a geologist raised in rural Alaska by a military family, brings a unique blend of technical prowess, financial acumen, and a deep love for nature to his role as CEO of a publicly listed exploration company. Rooted in his childhood spent exploring the great outdoors, Rick is passionate about geology and committed to preserving natural environments.
Now leading an exploration project in Arizona, Rick values local input and is dedicated to balancing economic growth with environmental conservation. Despite the demands of his role and raising three young boys, he prioritizes family time, often hiking and camping in the Pacific Northwest. Rick's commitment to sustainable practices and community collaboration defines his approach as a steward of both the land and the exploration venture.


Nancy Heiser
Director of External Relations

Nancy, an Arizona native, began her journey in education, earning both undergraduate and graduate degrees from Northern Arizona University. After a fulfilling career as a teacher and school administrator, she transitioned into government, spearheading community relations for Congresswoman Martha McSally. Her professional path then led her to the mining industry at Hudbay Minerals Inc., where she excelled in crafting social media strategies and supporting school grant programs.
Beyond her career, Nancy is dedicated to youth leadership, serving on the Board of Directors for HOBY, a foundation empowering high school sophomores through a week-long conference. In her downtime, she explores her passion for international travel with her grown daughters, hikes the scenic mountains of southern Arizona, cheers for the University of Arizona basketball team, and delights in hosting gatherings for friends and family. Nancy is thrilled to contribute her deep roots in southern Arizona to the dynamic Arizona Standard team.


Terri Anne Welyki
VP Corporate Communications

Terri Anne, a Canadian by upbringing, explored the boreal forests of Northern Ontario, igniting a lifelong passion for travel. With a career in the minerals industry, she seamlessly blends work with her love for people, cultures, and adventure across six continents.
A catalyst for positive change, Terri Anne played a pivotal role in constructing an eco-friendly gold mill in Peru. This facility not only supports small miners economically but also champions environmental stewardship, replacing harmful practices with sustainable alternatives. Her dedication extends to fair trade initiatives, fostering community development and eliminating mercury use in artisanal mining.
Beyond her professional pursuits, Terri Anne embraces the great outdoors, hiking and snowshoeing in British Columbia's mountains. She completes the picture by crafting delectable meals using locally sourced ingredients.


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