Our team has been built in a manner that reflects the experiences and perspectives needed to move projects forward in the modern exploration era. Whether its mineral exploration, biology, business, or environmental science, our team has the passion and experience to get the job done right. And we’re not done yet – as we move forward, we will continue adding great people.

Rick Trotman
President and CEO

Rick is an exploration geologist by trade who grew up in a military family that settled in rural Alaska when his step-father retired from the Air Force when he was in elementary school. Having the great outdoors as his playground, Rick became passionate about nature and geology.  Rick’s technical and financial expertise, combined with love of the great outdoors, makes him a perfect steward for this exploration project in Arizona. He values and respects the input of the local communities and will work tirelessly to ensure the preservation of the natural environment while at the same time working with the community to bring environmentally sound opportunities for economic growth. Despite being the CEO of a publicly listed exploration company and having three young boys under the age of six, Rick still manages to spend his free time hiking and camping with his family in the Pacific Northwest.


Nancy Heiser
Director of External Relations

Nancy’s family moved to Arizona from Colorado when she was just five years old. She grew up in Tucson and then went to Northern Arizona University to pursue undergraduate and graduate degrees in Education. After many years of teaching and working as a school administrator, she made the transition to government, opening the office and leading the community relations team for Congresswoman Martha McSally. She shifted to the mining industry and joined the community relations team at Hudbay Minerals Inc. where she led the efforts to create communications strategies for social media and worked extensively with schools supporting grant programs. Outside of work, Nancy has served on the Board of Directors for HOBY (Hugh O’Brian Youth Leadership Foundation) for the last eight years. This important leadership program brings high school sophomores from every high school in Arizona together for a week-long conference each June. In her free time, Nancy enjoys international travel with her two grown daughters, hiking in the mountains of southern Arizona, attending University of Arizona basketball games, and cooking and entertaining for friends and family. Nancy’s roots in southern Arizona are deep and she is so excited to be part of the Arizona Standard team.


Brad Norling
Permitting Specialist

Brad has over 28 years of experience in providing environmental support on a variety of projects throughout portions of the western and southwestern United States. As an Environmental Project Manager, Brad is excited to be part of a company where “environmental stewardship” and “doing things right” are at the forefront of every decision and are an integral part of the company culture. In this capacity, he is currently coordinating various environmental resources studies and working with numerous federal, state, and local agencies to obtain the necessary permits and approvals Arizona Standard will need to bring the project to life. Brad’s knowledge of local and regional environmental issues and regulatory requirements add an important dimension to Arizona Standard’s work in southern Arizona. Outside of work, Brad loves nature photography and exploring the outdoors and discovering new places to hike, camp, and fish. You can view Brad’s nature photography on his website.


Terri Anne Welyki
VP Corporate Communications

Terri Anne grew up in Canada exploring the boreal forests of Northern Ontario. She fell in love with travel at an early age,  visiting six of the seven continents for both work and pleasure. Terri Anne’s involvement in the minerals industry has afforded her the opportunity to combine career ambitions with her love of people, travel and culture . Terri Anne has strived to ensure environmental stewardship and at her previous company she was instrumental in the construction of a modern gold mill in Peru that provides a safe, environmentally sound and economical way for small/artisanal miners to process their ore.  Not only did this gold mill provide fair trade opportunities andcontribute to sustainable community development, it also helped to phase out the use of mercury amalgamation ,a traditional, yet harmful way of processing gold ores within the artisanal mining community.  This was strong win for the environment and the local communities. In her spare time you can find Terri Anne hiking and snowshoeing in the mountains of British Columbia with her dog Bear and partner Ken, and creating delicious meals with locally sourced ingredients.


Adam Hawkins
Government Relations Specialist

Adam is a fifth-generation Arizona native with strong ties to the Northern, Central, and Southern parts of the state. Having visited 139 countries and 49 of 50 states (sorry North Dakota, but you are on the list), Adam will tell anyone that Arizona is the place to be. His travels have contributed to a strong appreciation for Arizona’s natural beauty and the many opportunities that make the state the best place on the planet. This appreciation informs his work with stakeholders in shaping mine plans to meet community and environmental needs.


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